Modern Home Security – let technology protect you!

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In this blog entry we start with basic home security measures and progress through to groundbreaking home automation technology using your iPhone! Trust me, this entry is worth reading all the way to the end.

The most effective security measure is to protect your home from being accessible to burglars altogether. Most break and enters occur during predictable times, such as during business hours when homeowners are at work, and are a quick, panicked event at best. The most attractive homes to burglars are those which are easiest to enter. The Prowler Proof range include some of the most modern and attractive security doors and screens available on the market. Their Forcefield range is exceptionally popular as it is nearly invisible (which means that designer doors and windows remain a visible feature), yet also is one of the most impenetrable security measures around. Using a weld as opposed to screws or rivets, it is the strongest product available. A fully screened home is a major burglary deterrent, and can reduce homeowners’  insurance premiums.

See the link below for more info on Prowler Proof Forcefield or contact Strategic for a quote!

There are three popular and effective security measures available in the home alarm systems range  that we recommend to residential clients. They are the standard motion sensor home alarm, the monitored home alarm, and CCTV.

Harvey Norman Security online are offering excellent prices on all three options at the moment, however as far as burglary deterrents go, these systems are only effective if clearly displayed.


With a basic motion sensor alarm, once the alarm is triggered, a siren sounds which is usually enough to startle an intruder enough for them to leave immediately. This type of product is highly effective, as burglars are aware that neighbours will often become inquisitive about an alarm that isn’t immediately deactivated. There are two down sides, however. One being that if you live on a larger property, an intruder may not feel threatened by an alarm sounding as neighbours may not hear it. Two being that an experienced burglar may well know how to damage the system quickly to stop it from sounding.


Which brings us to the next option of monitored home alarms. Once a monitored alarm is set off by motion sensor, the monitoring company will notify either the homeowner or local security company, depending on the homeowner’s instruction. A monitored alarm is a good deterrent to burglars as they know that their presence has definitely been logged and either a homeowner or security company has been despatched to the premises. The downside, however, is that a security company can take up to 30 minutes to attend, and if a homeowner is the contact for the alarm response, then it could potentially take hours to return to the home. A burglar will know this and may just take the risk of gathering the items they desire in a short space of time, regardless of the alarm activation.


Finally, the less common yet effective measure of CCTV is available to homeowners, now at a very reasonable cost, also. These systems enable homeowners to monitor areas of their choice via camera surveillance from anywhere in the world, over the internet. CCTV is a major deterrent to burglars, being that their image being captured on camera can more easily lead to police prosecution.


The alarm systems outlined above are most effective when clearly signed. Homeowners should clearly display stickers and signage indicating that they are using an alarm system.

Contact Strategic for a quote or see the below link for more info. We are able to arrange installation, alarm monitoring and alarm responses for you!

Lastly, we will cover a revolutionary iPhone integrated system called Z Series. This application can be an amazing burglary deterrent and utilises the most modern of technology. From as little as $275, homeowners can purchase a starter kit that literally automates your home. Z Series controls appliances (such as heaters, security systems), lighting and more. Controlled with an iPhone or smart phone, this system gives homeowners the ability to check and control lighting and appliances from anywhere. The Z Series also offers security cameras which can be integrated and controlled remotely with an iPhone or smart phone! Automating your lighting whilst away from the home is a common and basic burglary deterrent, yet technology has taken this idea to a whole new level, allowing homeowners to control their homes to literally appear inhabited, even if you from another country. Whilst a major security measure, the Z Series also offers the ability to save energy and offer the comfort of being able to turn on air conditioning or heating prior to arriving home!

The Z Series security camera solution also offers homeowners the ability to check an alarm immediately from anywhere, quickly determining whether or not an alarm activation is a false alarm, and allowing homeowners to call police in the event of burglary. Click the link below to learn more, or to purchase the Z Series.