Corporate Security

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Corporate security services have become one of the most demanded spheres in the industry owing to the rise in the cases of security breaches in the corporate sector. At Strategic Security, we deliver the highest standards of security services to all corporate firms. Whether you have recently faced workplace theft, require concierge services or are experiencing staff issues, our corporate security service is ideal.


Our team of skilled and reputable security guards manage the security requirements of your firm and uphold the most professional physical appearance. Our security agents operate from a deeper level to manage or mitigate the development of any type of security threat. We have an on-call security team that will reach your organisation any time, day or night, to resolve even the most complex security issue, should an emergency occur. We take pride in stating that our security services have been considered to be the most reliable and timely by all the corporate clients that we’ve worked with in the past. If you want to obtain corporate security in the greater Brisbane area, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay or Maryborough, contact us.