Personal Protection (Bodyguards)

Our Close Personal Protection (CPP) team has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, having spent much of their careers in one or more of law enforcement, military Special Forces or counter terror units either in Australia or overseas.

Whether our clients are attending public events or private meetings, our CPP agents blend unobtrusively into the background so as not to disrupt the client’s regular lifestyle, whilst continuing to maintain the highest level of security at all times.

Our ongoing training programs ensure that these elite agents maintain their high levels of performance in, among other things, protection tactics, intermediate impact weapons, unarmed combat and protective driving.

Our highly trained consultants and CPP specialists assess the risks attached to each client and their family, property and other assets, and prepare a protection plan that aims to eliminate threats, minimise exposure to harm and provide a safe environment.

Given the tactical nature of our CPP operations, we do not publicly disclose key elements of our capabilities. For detailed information regarding our services or a tailor-made quote for your circumstances, please call

1300 792 800 or drop us an email –