Alcohol and Violence

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The harm associated with the consumption of alcohol, particularly among young people, is an area of community concern and requires a holistic approach from the government , business and the community. A night out is being increasingly overshadowed by alcohol related violence.


According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (explored issues pertaining to alcohol use, abuse and victimisation), it was uncovered that:

  1. Nearly 25% of Australians have been a victim of alcohol related verbal abuse;
  2. 13% felt afraid of someone under the influence of alcohol;
  3. A little over 4% of Australians aged 14 years and older had been physically assaulted by someone under the influence of alcohol;
  4. 15% of Australians are binge drinkers; and
  5. Males are more likely to be involved in incidents of physical assault in pubs and clubs, whereas females are more likely to experience these incidents in their own home.


It has been found that over a 12 month period, nearly three quarters of Australians who were the victim of alcohol related violence did not report the incident to police. This figure is even higher for incidents occurring in our pubs and clubs. The evidence relating to the range of social harms associated with alcohol misuse is strong. The consumption of alcohol, especially at high levels, is a significant risk factor for violence.


The perception of unsafe public spaces is not unfound, as recent inquiry into the issue found there had been an upward trend in the rate of assaults occurring in public places. The Queensland Government has responded to the issue with the yearlong inquiry into alcohol related violence. From this inquiry, some of the measures to be implemented include allowing police to exclude trouble makers from drink safe precincts. These 3 precincts are Fortitude valley, Gold Coast and Townsville.


Furthermore, pubs and clubs will be legislated to offer and provide free drinking water, 3 am lockout and security at taxi ranks.


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