mobile patrols

mobile patrols brisbane

Look no further than the mobile patrol services offered by Strategic Security if you want an effective alternative to the static security guards. Our trained professionals make rounds around the required area to make sure that nothing suspicious is happening. Our services cover a wide variety of areas like commercial properties, residential gated communities, construction sites etc. We provide uniformed patrol officers with marked patrol vehicle for taking rounds of the area to ensure safety. They have been given the training to detect even the slightest suspicious happening and respond immediately to prevent any bigger problem. They have the inserting cards or other things to get secure access through the gates. Our mobile patrolling services have a number of advantages, they are:

· Protection of property: The guards on mobile patrol ensure that your property is protected from any type of security threat.

· Reduce vandalism: They also ensure that the vandalism in the area is reduced to a minimum due to the regular visits.

· 24 hour service: Our services are available for 24 hours and we make rounds at any time as per your requirements.

· Peace of mind: Knowing that our guards are always out there on rounds, you can rest peacefully in your house.

· Day / night patrols: The security guards at our organization are available for both day and night patrolling.

· Lock up / unlock: They have their own entry cards and they unlock the doors and lock up securely after patrolling the area.

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