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Many times, businesses face a situation where they are required to transit their cash from one place to another without getting any type of unwanted attention. Strategic Security has been providing the cash transit services for more than a decade now and has gained experience in securely transferring your money from one place to another. We have a team of expert professionals who are trained and certified to provide the cash transit services. Whatever amount you want to be transferred, our security officials would make sure that it reaches its required destination without any inconvenience. They are even dressed in the casual clothes to avoid getting any unwanted attention.

Our cash transit services, in a way, also maximize the safety of your staff and customers from becoming a prey to any theft. We ensure discreet movement of your cash and other assets to reduce any type of attention. The core benefits of our cash transit services are:

· Your money and assets are insured: We provide insurance for all the assets and money that we hold for transits.

· Staff are removed from the threat of robbery: Your staff is secured from any robbery threat due to carrying large amounts.

· Assets are protected by variations in travel route and times: We undertake different travel routes at different times to ensure that no one gets a hold of our routine. This ensures that the cash or other asset stays safe even if we have to make regular transits.

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