alarm responses

alarm responses AustraliaStrategic Security has been in the security industry of Australia for the fifteen years and has been offering top notch services ever since. We understand the need to be watchful about the surrounding in order to stay away from any danger. To monitor the happenings around a premise, we have come up with our alarm response services. We have a dedicated team of alarm technicians who provide the following services:


  • Electronic security systems: To make sure that your entire house or office premise electronically secured from any type of threats or danger.
  • Camera surveillance and recording systems: To make sure that you have an eye on every happening around your building along with recording it for future analysis.
  • Alarm and access control systems: To make sure that no one has access to enter or exit from the premises without prior permission or authority.
  • Hold-up and panic alarm systems: To make sure that a panic alarm starts off as soon as there is any type of threat around the secured area.
  • 24 hour commercial and residential monitoring: To make sure that both your commercial as well as residential buildings are monitored all the time.
  • Electronic counter-surveillance (de-bugging): To make sure that any type of bug is detected and swept out from your office, house or vehicles.
  • System reviews: To make sure that all your security systems are working up to date as per the requirements.
  • Emergency management services: To make sure you never find yourself alone in any type of emergency security situations.

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