• Strategic Security is a renowned name in Australia for providing all types of security services in a cost effective manner. Whether it is a large-size country event or a small-size private function, our security personnel would always be there to guard you against any type of unfortunate circumstances. Our security services are tailored to meet your requirements and ensure your safety. At Strategic Services, we offer best in class security services that include:

    · Crowd Control: For controlling any size of the crowd for every small to large-size event.

    · Loss Prevention: For securing a business organization from experiencing any type of physical loss.

    · Alarm Responses: For installing and setting up automatic alarm systems around your premises.

    · Mobile Patrol: For checking a building time to time to ensure that it is fully secure.

    · Special Events: For ensuring that your events are secure from any unfortunate event.

    · Personal Protection: For protecting the VIPs and other celebrities from any type of threat.

    · Cash Transits: For keeping your money safe and thus protecting your staff from any threats.

    · Private Function: For securing all your private events, be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

    · Corporate: For ensure that your workplace is secure from any type of theft or other threats.

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