Static Security Guards – anything but “still”!

Businesses cannot exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. To protect your assets and staff the most effective deterrent is to employ experienced, trained and most importantly, Licensed Static Security Officers to protect your premises. Protection is securing your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to […]

It’s Christmas! Don’t let burglars ruin your festive season.

Hip hip, hooray! As a female director of a security firm, I am particularly precious about Christmas security as I don’t want ANYTHING going wrong during my favourite time of the year! It’s all about ham and pork and too many glasses of wine or egg nog – not about having your goodies pinched by the Grinch!

Modern Home Security – let technology protect you!

In this blog entry we start with basic home security measures and progress through to groundbreaking home automation technology using your iPhone! Trust me, this entry is worth reading all the way to the end.

The most effective security measure is to protect your home from being accessible to burglars altogether. Most break and enters occur during predictable times […]

Alcohol and Violence

The harm associated with the consumption of alcohol, particularly among young people, is an area of community concern and requires a holistic approach from the government , business and the community. A night out is being increasingly overshadowed by alcohol related violence.   According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (explored issues pertaining to […]

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